Modern Chic


With crisp, clean lines and a focus on simplicity wherever possible, Modern Chic suits a variety of personalities and lifestyles.

Strong colours are a hallmark of Modern Chic, creating a focal point within the home. Our Modern Chic collection boasts eye-catching cabinetry in Laminex French Navy within the kitchen, with the dark hues contrasting with the Laminex Pure Mineralstone II benchtops.

Elegant light fixtures and just the right amount of well-chosen accessories are used to finish off the space, allowing the bold colours to take centre stage.

In the living area, white walls (Wattyl Moody White and Wattyl White) create a fresh and open canvas that can be dressed up with feature artwork. The timber laminate in Northbridge Oak – Royal Oak by Trevors Carpets also adds to this neutral look, with rugs, furniture, cushions and other little finishing touches helping to add personality and individuality.


Midland Brick Geo Collection Dew Paver


Colorbond Shale Grey


Outside, an eye-catching modern silhouette provides endless character and style and helps the home truly stand out from the crowd. Our collection offers a selection of exteriors that will turn heads, featuring materials such as Colorbond finishes in Basalt and Shale Grey, Harmony roof tiles in Oceanic, or a combination of feature brickwork with Colorbond Surfmist and Shale Grey.

With all these and many more elements to enjoy, Modern Chic offers a truly elegant and refined design choice.

View our collection in your portal today to see how it can help you elevate your everyday lifestyle to the next level.

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