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When it comes to designing your new home, there’s always so much to think about.  Which colour schemes will work best in your space? Which exterior materials will help to make a winning first impression? You’ll no doubt have hundreds of questions like these – and BGC Home is here to help you find the right answers.

Carefully curated by our expert interior design team, the six collections include Native Outback, Coastal Hamptons, Industrial Warehouse, Modern Chic, Rural Retreat and Simply Scandi. Each collection boasts a range of colour palettes and matching finishes, with every little detail considered.

Having all your style inspiration in one place makes it easy for you to choose the right look for your new home.

There’s a hint of the outback in each of our hand selected colour schemes inspired by the Aussie Outback. Contemporary design elements like granite countertops and sleek lighting pair well with this classy design.


Relaxing, welcoming and effortlessly chic, the coastal hamptons style is the ideal match for our coastal aussie lifestyle. Refreshing coastal inspired design, from the kitchen, bathroom and everything in between.


The Modern Chic style exudes elegance and luxury. With crisp, clean lines and a focus on simplicity wherever possible, modern chic suits a variety of personalities and lifestyles.


Nothing says instant cool quite like the industrial warehouse trend. This scheme takes cues from old factories and industrial spaces that have been converted to lofts and other living spaces.

Relaxed and modern with a hint of rustic elements that reflect the Australian landscape. Warm natural finishes like wood and leather create a sense of escaping to the country. 


Focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Pair your new home with a scandinavian or Nordic interior design for the ultimate scandi experience. 

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