What to ask yourself before building or buying

Luke and Jas break down their top questions you need to consider

When considering to buy or build a home for your family you should make a list of priorities to ensure that your family home is comfortable, functional, neat and safe for your family to grow up in.

Our friends Luke and Jas have broken down their top questions to ask yourself before making your investment.

Is the kitchen functional for our family?

The modern family needs a modern kitchen. We all know that a large island bench is a great addition to any kitchen for food prep. But when a family lives there, it becomes a hub for a family to congregate, a place to have afternoon tea after school, a spot to do homework, an area to sit with guests and entertain and a place to make family memories. A scullery allows for extra storage and the inclusion of a bi-fold kitchen window allows you to watch and interact with the kids as they play outside while you cook and clean in the kitchen. 

Is there enough storage for our family?

A mudroom is a huge storage add for a growing family. A place for the kids to store their school bags, sunhats and muddy gumboots after jumping in puddles. To make it a functional space for a family consider separate cubbies for each of the children with hooks for school bags and a place to sit and put on shoes. Opt for surfaces that are easy to keep clean, with a tall cupboard for the mop and vacuum to be kept. Don’t forget a place to keep the dog’s lead too! 

“You can never have too much storage in a family home.

– Jasmin

Is the family bathroom going to be suitable during peak traffic times?

Just like the kitchen can be considered the ‘heart’ of the home, the family bathroom is certainly an important hub of daily activity. Is there enough space for children to get ready for school? Does the toilet need to be separate? First of all it needs to be functional, secondly it can be fun. If it is a dedicated kids bathroom consider some bright tiles or a bright sink for a pop of colour and fun. A built in bath is a must for a family bathroom. Kids love a bit of splash splash in a tub as a part of their bedtime routine.  

Is the backyard functional for our family?

A backyard space is not only about being aesthetically pleasing but also an extension of the house. It needs to be safe for the family. 

A patch of turf should be included for the kids to do cartwheels, kick a footy, play backyard cricket and throw a ball to the family dog. 

There needs to be a patio to allow for shade on hot day, protection from the rain, and a place to entertain and have kids backyard parties. 

Children love to be outdoors and investing in your backyard space will bring so much enjoyment to your family….and time spent away from screens! So consider if the backyard (and budget) allows for a pool, fire pit area or outdoor kitchen. 

Is the home going to be energy efficient for our family?

Energy efficient design is an investment in your family’s future. Yes you might need to pay some large up-front costs to include items like solar panels, double glazed windows, smart LED lighting, quality insulation and solar water heating. But all of these items will save you money in the long run, while caring for the environment and your children’s future world. 

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