Wattyl is here to help you create beautiful spaces

Some thoughtful planning, good preparation and the right tools will help unleash your creative flair and ensure the best results when painting your new home.

Wattyl has put together ‘How to Videos’ to guide you in your creativity and help you achieve beautiful spaces in your home.

Research current trends
Browse images on the Wattyl Colour Forecasts to provide you with some great inspiration for the colour scheme of your new home. Take note of colour palettes, paint finishes and design trends that will suit your lifestyle and decor.

Browse Wattyl’s extensive colour options, or if you still can’t find the one that’s just right, take in a sample of the colour you love and our Wattyl paint experts will use the latest technology to tint your paint to match.

Quality Tools, Superior paint job
The quality of your rollers and brushes can mean the difference between an average paint job and a superior finish that will leave a lasting impression.

Short-nap rollers are best for oil-based paints and medium-nap rollers for water-based paints.

Don’t worry, it’s Wattyl

With house plans, ideas and inspiration in hand, pop in and see the Wattyl experts for all of your painting requirements. They will assist to refine your ideas, provide estimates of the quantities and types of paint you will require for your project, and have at hand all of the quality paint and equipment you’ll need for your project.

Low-sheen paints are great for high-traffic areas as they are highly washable, and semi-gloss and satin finishes are perfect for skirtings and doors.

Wattyl’s ‘How To Videos’ to guide you in your creativity



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