Wattyl 2022 Colour Forecast

Wattyl explores the colour trends for 2022

Wattyl recently stopped by BGC Home to share with us their Colour Forecast for 2022. Shaped by the ever-changing world around us and our desire to connect with nature, this colour forecast captures our continued interest in wellness and wellbeing, biophilic design, and the understanding of how natural colours and organic references make us feel good.

Wattyl explores these ideas through 4 colour schemes which we’ve broken down for you below.

Return to Simplicity

Return to Simplicity explores how light, airy and serene colours create a space in which to retreat, slow down and be mindful. We think this palette would work beautifully in a bedroom to create a calming space to slow down at the end of the day.

Wattyl’s Colour Tip:

Pale blue tones evoke calm and relaxation, together with whites, off-whites and soft beige tones which help to create a truly balanced sense of simplicity and peace.

Local Comfort

Local Comfort explores how warm neutral tones, inspired by our locality, introduce a sense of comfort and beauty. We love the idea of introducing this colour scheme to a lounge or living space to creating a warm and welcoming feel.

Wattyl’s Colour Tip:

Match deeper richer brown colours to meaningful objects and artwork to ensure a balanced, soothing space.

Resilient Optimism

Resilient Optimism explores how bolder contrasting colours reflect strength and optimism with a desire to reconnect, share and celebrate resilience. We think this scheme would make an amazing statement in a smaller space such as a dining room.

Wattyl’s Colour Tip:

Darker coloured walls help to frame and connect a diverse mix of images, artworks and portraits.

Conscious Connection

Conscious Connection explores green-infused colours, textured walls, timber and stone elements, lots of planting and nourishing daylight. These all combine to embrace the innate need to bathe in nature.

We think this scheme can work in any space in your home as its soft, organic colour tones and raw, natural finishes create a relaxing ambience to soothe and calm the mind.

Wattyl’s Colour Tip:

Layer several greens and grey-greens for a palette that not only feels good but connects you to the natural environment.

For more colour inspiration visit www.wattyl.com.au



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