Top interior tips for this Spring season

The arrival of Spring brings with it warmer weather and the hope of new beginnings, it often feels intuitive to refresh our home-style to reflect the change in seasons. Interior design trends are everchanging, many of these “trends” tend to have a short lifecycle – particularly those that are purely seasonal.

The team at Interior addicts have published a list of Spring interior trends that will stand the test of time, thanks to some great tips from Tayla Hampson and Courtney Pellegrino of Studio Cult.


Sage painted walls

Sage is a neutral colour that is also extremely versatile and can be used to create vibrancy within a room. There are many variations of sage, and the undertones you select will determine whether it is cool or warm and whether it is a subtle or bold shade. While tones and shades vary based on personal preference, a common theme with sage is the calming, serene feeling that it creates within a space.

Natural tones and textures

Recently, there has been a shift towards more natural home decor, with rattan, wood and earthy tones becoming more popular. Natural tones and textures bring a relaxed, warm and soothing atmosphere to your home. The earthy look is timeless, translating well across all seasons and blending seamlessly with a variety of home styles. Tayla and Courtney explain that with people spending more time at home in the past two years, incorporating elements of nature within your interior decor can help to form a ‘sanctuary’ that provides a calming, harmonious space balancing indoor and outdoor living.

 The Belharra by Commodore Homes

“Curves help to soften the sharpness of room corners, tables and benches, creating a sense of comfort and cosiness”.

– Studio Cult

Curved furniture and decorative pieces

Furniture can help to define a space, and the Studio Cult team explain that soft, curved furniture pieces are a great home staple and a worthwhile investment. Curves help to soften the sharpness of room corners, tables and benches, creating a sense of comfort and cosiness. Boucle sofas had a comeback this year, with this style to remain popular for years to come. There are also a number of simple ways to incorporate curves through your interior decor, such as round ottomans, pillows or rugs.

Grandmillennial decor is here to stay

The Grandmillennial style, is a trend that continues to grow in popularity, and one that will remain a tasteful choice that stands the test of time according to Tayla and Courtney. Grandmillenial styled homes combined modern elements with vintage decor to create a harmonious juxtaposition. This fun, contrasting style is unique to each home, based on personal taste and decor choices

The Helena by Commodore Homes

Textured tiling

Texture is a key element of interior design, as it helps to create depth, vibrancy and warmth within your home. Tiles are a great way to add a stylish layer to your home and we are seeing textured tiles become more in demand. Textured tiles can be incorporated anywhere in your home and in a variety of unique ways – such as on furniture, on the kitchen island bench, or in your bathrooms. Some particularly popular timeless styles include terracotta, mosaics and glazed porcelain.

The full article can be found on the Interior Addicts Website here.



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