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Building your new home is an exciting and somewhat daunting time. Putting those initial selections together and knowing how to construct a scheme that will grow with you over time, takes a little planning and a lot of confidence! With such a diverse offering of products in the market, it is important to try and keep each item, in each room, part of a bigger overall feel for your home.

So where should you begin? With yourself! Know who you are and how you live. Functionality plays a huge role in creating a beautiful yet workable space. Spend time in making sure everything has a place, is easy to maintain and suits your needs for longer.

If in doubt talk to the experts, your builder is a great place to start. But don’t forget to take advantage of the experience offered from suppliers and of course, your interior designer!

– Eskay Design

Make sure you have a place to store your vacuum cleaner, charge your tech, incorporate study space for growing kids (and all their school bags). And don’t forget about your fluffy family members too! Spend time looking at your plans. Talk about what furniture you need to accommodate in each room and make sure it fits. Consider what the purpose of each space is going to be. A beautiful big house with a room that never gets used is a wasted opportunity. And what about trends? Do we go for that leopard print wallpaper that is “soooo in right now”? Sure! If that is what YOU love. But, for most of our clients we recommend introducing those feature pieces in items you can update – like a huge piece of art, feature cushions or statement accessories.

This season many of the “trends” are ones that revolve around sustainability, natural colour tones and organic furniture design. It is about feeling secure, being environmentally aware and making each space functional yet beautiful. Think curved sofas, raw exposed edges, timbers and layering shades of neutrals to add texture and warmth. Add to that a pop of colour and you will create a beautiful space with contrast and depth.

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