The benefits of adding a scullery to your home

GO Homes tell us why a scullery is a must-have in your new home

The scullery is quickly becoming one of the hottest kitchen must-haves. As a separate room or space off the main kitchen, a scullery is designed to keep mess and clutter hidden away. While sculleries were historically found only in the stately homes of the ultra-rich, they have now been adopted into homes of every shape and size.

So, why should you consider a scullery in your home? One of the biggest (and most obvious) benefits is the additional storage. You’ll have more than enough room to stash that air fryer you can’t live without, as well as the food processor, blenders, toaster and all the other accessories that take up serious space. It will leave your main kitchen benchtops clear, helping to create a relaxed and tidy feel.

Another major benefit is the ability to keep your food preparation area separate. With a sink and heaps of
benchtop space, your scullery will allow you to make some serious creative mess – while keeping it out of sight. So, if you’re entertaining guests and you don’t have time to finish cleaning up before they arrive, don’t worry! Nobody ever has to know.

Over the years, no room in the home has evolved quite like the kitchen. Once kept separate from the main living space, the kitchen now forms an extension of the living area, helping to create an open and functional layout. As the heart of the home, the kitchen deserves to be front and centre.

Having a scullery means you can truly make the most of your space and create something you can be proud to show off.

Want to see some of our sculleries up close and personal? Then come and check out some of our display homes, including The Gaia, The Ostaro and The Woodman. Here’s to dream kitchens!

When it comes to sculleries, GO Homes knows the benefits inside out. Many of our popular designs feature a large scullery, including The Tempo, The Venus Bay, The Pasqual, and many more. Our goal is to give homebuyers more versatility, while creating a true designer feel that can be enjoyed every day.

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