Storage Solutions with Studio Cult

The best storage solutions for your bathroom and laundry

We caught up with our favourite interior design duo, Studio Cult, to get their insider advice on the must have storage solutions to include in your bathroom and laundry. A lack of space in your home is not necessarily a set-back, it’s simply a challenge that requires a little clever thinking to make the most out of your space.


Shower niche or ledge

Including a tiled niche in your shower is a great easy-access way to store your shampoo and conditioner whilst also freeing up the floor space. Tayla says, “If this is not an option due to the design of your shower recess, add a nib wall or tiled ledge running the width of your shower. This will also work for keeping items off the floor of the shower.”

Mirrored shaving cabinet

Replacing your standard mirror with a mirrored shaving cabinet is a great way to store items that are used everyday & keep your bench space free.


Add drawers to your cabinetry in lieu of cupboards as this allows better organisation and use of space. Tayla says, “Don’t forget to add electrical points inside of the drawers.”


Broom recess

Always remember to include a broom recess in your linen cabinetry to allow for taller items such as the vacuum, ironing board or mop. Also consider adding power points inside your cabinetry so that you can charge electrical items whilst also keeping them hidden away.

Overhead cabinetry and shelving

Make the most of your space by adding additional overhead cabinetry or shelving. Tayla says, “A floating shelf is not only functional but allows you to add style with a plant and some decor items.”

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