Moving in your new homes with pets

Our pets are an essential and important part of the family and creating a pet-friendly environment for them to thrive will make both yours and their life easier. In our first edition of the BGC Home Magazine: heart of the home, you may have read the article on how to make sure your home is pet-friendly. In light of our Home Magazine article, we’ve decided to compile a list of ways you can ensure your new home accommodates your beloved furry friend.

Below are some handy home design and housing styles to consider when building or styling your home to help with a smooth transition for your pet.

Practical thinking

If you’re at the stage of planning a home build or looking to buy a new house, spare a thought for your animal’s needs. This could be as simple as considering a potential cat or dog flap being added to doors or incorporating space in the laundry for where your animal can sleep.

You may also want to consider installing a pet gate in the kitchen to avoid accidents, or near an entrance if they get a little too excited when greeting you or friends and family. Pet gates easily slide out from the wall and can tuck back in when not in use.

Choosing the right flooring

One of the biggest benefits of owning your own home, is being able to design it in any way you desire. If you want to ensure your new home is pet-proof, one thing to keep in mind is swapping any carpets or slippery tiles for something that will incur the least amount of damage.

Some popular flooring options for pets include vinyl flooring, plank flooring, and laminate flooring. These options are highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture, scratches, and dents. As a bonus, they are also a breeze to maintain.

Pet-friendly furniture

Making sure you have the right furniture to match your lifestyle is so important, but as pets are a part of the family, this planning extends to them too. If you’re the sort of owner who doesn’t mind your pet on the couch, consider investing in a couch with a durable material. A leather couch is durable, easy to vacuum and keep clean with just a damp cloth, and in the event there’s a few accidental scratches, this may help create an aged leather look! (No, really! See a description here).

Toxic-free landscaping

For many pets, a lot of their lives will be spent in the backyard, which is why it’s important to make sure that their surroundings are safe and toxic-free. Pet-friendly mulch would be cedar mulch, which is a popular alternative amongst pet owners. Cedar mulch is considered pet-friendly as it’s shredded finely. In the case that your pet ingests the fibers, it can be easily digested, and includes the benefit of bug repelling properties fit for your garden.

Another landscaping consideration is the type of turf in your backyard. You may wish to consider synthetic turf as an alternative to organic turf. Opting for synthetic turf means your pet can roll around as much as they like on artificial lawn and it won’t get dirty, so they won’t attract anything nasty. In addition, fleas and ticks also don’t like artificial turf – win, win!

When they drive you up the wall…

A crucial housing style element that can easily be overlooked… walls! Walls can get easily damaged, so it’s important to keep in mind surface texture. When your pets rub against a textured wall surface, including wallpaper, it may leave marks and pet hair. To keep things low maintenance, a smart option is to go for an easy-to-clean satin, or a semi-gloss paint, all of which can be found on display in our award-winning home Showroom.

Ideas for house design can be tricky, so come visit our home Showroom in Osborne Park and be inspired by over 1,000sqm of innovation and style.

Don’t forget, it’s National Dog Day on the 26th of August – shower your furry friend with all the love!



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