Interior design trends for your new home

Let’s explore the latest interior design trends with Tess

When it comes to design trends, it can be overwhelming to work out which ones to incorporate into your home and those that will last the test of time. To help provide some guidance, we caught up with the BGC Home Showroom Manager, Tess, to chat all things interior design trends. Follow along to find out Tess’ favourite interior design trends emerging right now.

“The beauty of design is that it is all about perspective. You can create your own definition of what you think design is and revolutionise the world!”

– Tess, BGC Home Showroom Manager


Curves are back. Whether they are used in sculptural decor pieces, doorways or furniture, Tess says, “The curve is inviting, welcoming and represents coming together. We can see this emerging in contemporary design which I love!” Curves instantly create softness and play a big part in the biophilic design trend that seeks to incorporate nature into our built environment. Curves often appear in nature and help to soften and break up the typically harsh lines in man-made design.

Decor that tells a story

As someone who loves to travel, Tess loves displaying artifacts in her home that tell a story. Whether this is  artwork or even just a bookshelf of souvenirs from your travels abroad, incorporating unique pieces that represent a time in your life, a culture, or an experience, is always an excellent design element. Sentimental pieces like this complete a room, and inject personality into your home.

Shades of brown

Earthy tones are in! As we start to ease back into colour from the neutral tones that were last year, we see tones of brown incorporated into the home to represent nature.

Wanting to incorporate this colour in your home? Stones Throw by Wattyl Paint is a mid-toned earthy brown which creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. This colour is best used in living areas and home offices. Wattyl recommends adding decor in rich caramels and deep browns to set the scene and layer with textures such as chunky knit throws.


This once again ties into biophilic design, the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments. Incorporating plants and flowers into your home has been proven to inspire creativity, improve productivity and breathe life into the design of a room. Tess says, “Textures that can incorporate greenery and nature are very sought after and are great for creating an outdoor connection.”

What’s not in

  • All White Everything: We need some bold patterns and colour in our lives! The time of having everything minimalist black and white is over.  
  • Clutter:  Non – functional decorative elements are making their way out. Now is the time to consider decluttering your space to create a serene and spacious feel. Less is still more in this case!

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