How to create the perfect mood board

Design your perfect mood board with Luke and Jas

Whether you’re building, renovating or simply want to redecorate a room, there is no doubt about it, a mood board is a useful tool to use. It helps you decide on a design aesthetic, share your vision with others (like builders and pre-start consultants) and keeps you on track when creating a cohesive home. 

What to use to create a mood board

The first step is to decide what format works for you. Mood boards can be digital with saved images and online samples or physical with real samples and printed photographs and images from magazines layered together. It’s up to you.

Digital – For digital mood boards we recommend either Bazaart App (the paid version is better so you can remove the background of objects using the magic icon) or Canva App. On our Instagram @LukeandJasmin we have a saved tutorial on how to use the features of Bazaart in our story highlights. We also prefer working on an iPad as it’s easier to see and modify the images in larger sizes.

Physical – For a physical mood board we recommend using either a cork board with pins or a tray if you have tiles and timber samples that can’t be pinned.
Tip: Take a photo on your phone once you’ve made it so you have it with you at all times. 

Gather Inspiration

We would always start with some images that we’re drawn to. To get an overall idea we would head straight to our saved images on Pinterest or on Instagram. Now if you don’t know how to save an image on Instagram, see the flag icon under each image on your feed? That’s save. You can take it one step further and save images into collections. We have one for flooring, one for bedrooms, one for pools and so on. From there you want to screen shot those images for your mood board. You may want to print them out if your mood board is going to be physical.

Magazines are also a great place to collect images for your mood board. The BGC Home magazine is packed full of images which might spark joy for your mood board. Design books, websites and blogs all have inspiration. Even taking photos on your phone at homewares shops and display homes are great places to collect ideas of what you love. But don’t stop there, why not go into dedicated showrooms like the BGC Home showroom. Inspiration is really everywhere. 

Collect an array of samples

Samples are an essential part of a mood board. You want your mood board to include some digital or physical samples. Think paint chips, flooring samples, tiles, wallpaper samples, laminate or stone samples, fabric swatches etc. Some companies charge for samples, some give them out for free, all of them supply them free digitally. But, be aware that samples online may not be true to life when viewed digitally. 

Play around, edit and refine

The beauty of mood boarding is that you can try different ideas and samples together. Decide what works and what doesn’t BEFORE you make those all important decisions. When we did the Block in 2020 we had one week to design a room or multiple rooms. Mood boards helped us to play around with different choices before putting it all together in one go. A bit like a pre-start where you need to make design choices all in one hit. We would recommend coming armed with a mood board to your pre-start. If you’re short on time you can do the online BGC design style quiz before your meeting – check it out here.

Mood boards are a process! Some take days, weeks or months! Keep coming back to yours and tweak it as you find new products or inspiration. Constantly refining your mood board until it’s perfect will save you time, heartbreak and money down the track! Trust us! 

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