Hettich: Discover AvanTech YOU Illumination

Our friends at Hettich are leaders in high-quality furniture fittings. They hold over 135 years of experience in creating intelligent, innovative designs to make your living spaces work beautifully. They are now proud to introduce the AvanTech YOU Illumination LED lighting within the drawer system, a stunning addition to any home.

When opening, it lights up the sides and the space contained inside. Plus the rechargeable battery means it can be installed or retro-fitted where power is not otherwise available, such as a dressing room or walk-in robe space.

With design diversity and creative flexibility, Hettich’s AvanTech YOU Illumination ultimately puts the homeowner and designer in focus, matching your specific needs, and emphasizing individualisation whilst providing eased functionality as proven by its award-winning status.

Unique inlays on the side of the drawer set these apart from others, allowing you to display the drawer’s internal contents with transparent glass inlays, which with the complimentary lighting, create a sense of elegance and an impactful yet stunning statement.

AvanTech YOU Illumination can be ideal for the kitchen, butler’s pantry, bathrooms, wardrobes, and dressing rooms. Wine rooms or cellars should also be considered– wherever extra lighting is required.

Discover AvanTech YOU Illumination.



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