Hettich Australia’s Latest Innovation

Hettich introduces an innovative tower-unit storage solution that illuminates drawers using the AvanTech YOU platform drawer system.

Innovation never stops, as Hettich has proven with their new concept tower of illuminated drawers. The recently launched impressive storage solution promises to revolutionise the way we store our belongings – the tower-unit storage solution that is designed to offer an unparalleled illuminated storage experience.

One of its key features is the use of the AvanTech YOU platform drawer system. This award-winning drawer system has a unique design that makes it easy to use and provides exceptional performance. The tower of drawers takes full advantage of this by incorporating the AvanTech YOU Illumination system that illuminates the drawers with LED lighting. This lighting system brightens up the sides and the contents of the drawer when it is individually opened.

But what sets it apart is the AvanTech YOU Illumination system is that it features a ‘no-connection’ rechargeable battery pack that adheres to the rear panel, ensuring that the lights always stay on when the individual drawer is open.

The multi-layered drawer system can be used in conjunction with your choice of widths. The smooth drawer opening and closing is assured thanks to the Quadro and Actro runners.

In addition to being a practical storage solution, the illuminated tower of drawers also adds an element of style to any interior design. The LED lighting system provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the sleek and modern design of the AvanTech YOU drawer system adds a touch of sophistication.

Overall, Hettich’s tower unit storage solution is highly innovative combining practicality, convenience, and style. The ease of installation makes it an ideal storage solution and the illuminated tower of drawers an excellent choice that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.



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