Go in prepped and ready for prestart

So you’ve secured your land, chosen your builder and chosen your home design – very exciting times ahead. The prestart consultation is the point where all the selections are set in stone and many new suggestions are brought to the table. In the prestart meeting, internal and external colours and finishes are finalised, as well as the relevant products, upgrades and electrical layout of the home. This consultation can be overwhelming, especially with a limited understanding of the building process.

BGC Housing Group Showroom Manager Laura Dawson has outlined what to expect and the questions to have answered in order to come best prepared to the prestart meeting.

“Prestart is the final signoff on all the important parts of your build. It is crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’,” she said. “Expect a lot of questions from the prestart consultant, to ensure that they have verified and confirmed all the items of the addenda.” Ms Dawson provided some timely advice on how to make the final decisions on design elements of the home. “Sometimes thinking about the things you don’t want makes it easier to include what you do like,” she said. “Don’t want blue benchtops? There is plenty of choice of neutral colours and patterns which will suit your style. “Talking to friends and family can also give good insight into what they would change or add in their homes and what you can make a reality in yours.

“Images from display homes and social media make it easier to visually convey the look you like. Save up a digital scrapbook so you can share this with your prestart consultant.” Preparation for the prestart meeting can prevent decision fatigue and reduces the number of potential surprises, according to Ms Dawson. “Flooring is important, as it is a large surface area which visually takes up real estate. Think about what colour and material you would like for this and what suits your lifestyle,” she said. “Tiles, timber laminate and hybrid flooring are all great choices. Vinyl has also come a long way since the 90s.” Ms Dawson said electrical elements such as power points were often overlooked by clients despite the convenience it would bring. “Thinking about where to put your toaster and kettle is important, making breakfast easy,” she said, adding that it in order to stay within budget, it would be ideal to prioritise items which were most difficult to change down the track.

“Consider items which are the hardest to change, like the kitchen benchtop, the flooring and the roof colour, and choose the best within budget of these. “Some items like your showerhead are an easy fix if your preferences change. Ms Dawson said it’s all the small details which would make a home the most liveable for years to come. “Technology is evolving, and it is best to design your space so it integrates seamlessly with your life,” she said. “Other details people might like to consider is storage space, extra shelving and which way your door handles are orientated.” Last but not least, Ms Dawson emphasised that if you didn’t understand something, it was important to ask for clarification.

Written by Erick Lopez – The West Australian



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