Flooring Series: Expert Insights

Trevor’s Carpets answer your most asked questions

Welcome to our flooring series, covering everything you need to know when making the right flooring selections for your home. Selecting the right flooring for your needs can be a little overwhelming, especially when your floor is one of the largest blank canvases in the home, so what you use for your flooring will have a major influence on the way your house looks and feels. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, sourcing the right information from experts in the industry.

We’re answering all your floorcovering questions with the experts at Trevor’s Carpets, Western Australia’s largest supplier of timber, luxury vinyl planks, hybrids, laminate, vinyls and of course carpets. When you choose to build with one of BGC Housing Group’s home builders, you will meet the team at Trevor’s Carpets who will guide you through your flooring selections.

So, we caught up with Alan from Trevor’s Carpets, to provide us with industry insights and advice for those starting their building or renovating journey.

What is the most durable flooring for pets?

Alan explains that anything with a hard surface such as hybrids, vinyl planks, laminates and tiles would be a safe option for our furry friends. However, he adds, “If you do go for a natural timber try go with a matte finish and ideally some texture in the surface as this will not reflect light and show the fine scratching that can show in a high gloss smooth surface.” A common go-to choice for durable flooring is hybrid as this is not only very hard wearing but 100% waterproof which is great for messy family life and pets.

What do you recommend for cleaning and maintenance of your flooring?

Each type of flooring has its own maintenance requirements, so as long as you follow the guides Trevor’s Carpets provides you for your flooring selection you can’t go wrong. In saying this, here’s some simple tips:

  • Keep sand out – It is pretty simple and nothing over the top is needed for residential floors. Carpets need regular vacuuming to keep their shape and appearance looking good and main floors need to be swept or vacuumed often to keep the sand off. Sand left on any flooring will act as an abrasive and can cause any floor to prematurely look fatigued.
  • Professionally clean your carpets – As a general guide get your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 -24 months depending on the foot traffic.
  • Clean hardfloors with a ph neutral cleaning agent – As a general guide damp mop your hardfloors with a ph neutral cleaning agent.

How many of your products are imported?

Some of them are, however as a Western Australian family owned business, Trevor’s Carpets always aim to support Australia manufacturing where possible. All the carpets that are displayed in the BGC Home Showroom are Australian made, including the underlay. In fact, the underlay is made from a minimum of 90% recycled materials and any offcuts are sent back to the manufacture to be recycled into brand new underlay.

What type of carpet would you recommend for the bedroom?

Choosing a carpet for the bedroom comes down to your own personal style and needs. However, there are a couple of simple things to consider that will help narrow down your selection.

  • Do you hate vacuuming or don’t have time to vacuum regularly? – If you answered yes, then go for a lower and tighter pile carpet as this will show much less wear than a really soft carpet.
  • Do you love a thick soft feel underfoot? – Choose a thick soft pile, however keep that vacuum handy and be prepared to vacuum 3-5 times a week especially in areas like a master bedroom where we create hall-like traffic zones going from the bed to the robes etc. If you want to achieve that soft feel that we all love under our feet in the morning upgrading the underlay is the way to go.
  • Wanting a carpet that disguises life’s mess? – Alan says, “I personally like carpets with a “stipple” (two tone) type effect as that will also hide some minor marks better than a single solid colour especially if you drop a little bit of your morning coffee and don’t see it straight away.”

Stay tuned for part 2 of our flooring series where we go into detail about hybrid flooring, tiles and the new Polaris Pro range from Trevor’s Carpets.

For more flooring inspiration check out trevorscarpets.com.au



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