Discover your design style.

Finding your personal style with BGC Home.

Building a home of your own is an exciting achievement, but when it comes to deciding on your personal design style it can be overwhelming. In many ways, homes embody how we live and see ourselves.

Have you ever walked into a home that felt instantly welcoming? The space felt authentic, a genuine reflection of the person or people who live there. This is what makes a house a home.

So how do you make your space look great while reflecting your personal sense of style? At BGC Home, we’ve made navigating design simpler. We created a quiz that identifies your individual taste and matches it to a design scheme.

Carefully curated by our expert interior design team, the six collections boast a range of colour palettes and matching finishes, with every little detail considered. This is the perfect tool if you’re not entirely sure how to bring together your dream space – from colours, textures and finishes our quiz will take away the stress of decision-making.

Create a home that truly reflects you and your lifestyle. Start your style journey today and take the style quiz by clicking here.



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