Choosing matt black finishes in your home

The allure of matt black finish

Matt black brings a sophisticated finish to your interior and has proven its popularity in recent years. Surprisingly versatile, it has become one of the leading finishes in interiors amongst equally timeless chrome and nickel.

So you’re thinking of choosing matt black finishes in your home but the decision feels a little scary? Should you go for a more traditional chrome instead? We get it, and this is something our friends at Gainsborough Hardware are often asked. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Gainsborough recommend starting your hardware selection project by asking yourself the following question:

Do I want the door hardware to be a feature?

If the answer is yes, go with a matt black finish if you enjoy simplicity and restraint, with visually striking, bold and contrasting elements accentuating the space.

In today’s blog, Gainsborough Hardware share their top tips on how to successfully feature matt black hardware in your home for the ultimate wow factor.  

It’s all about getting the proportions right

Black hardware is a great way to introduce a bit of a visual equilibrium, if you already have other fixtures in that colour – it will help create cohesion and a ‘conversation’ between elements of materiality in the space. Small matt black hardware accessories can also play an important role in anchoring a space.

Black attracts black

The greatest thing about matt black finish is its unexpected ubiquitousness in decor – many unnoticeable elements are black. Think of pendant cords, electronics, an office chair in your home office or kitchen appliances – if you don’t have a stainless-steel toaster, chances are it’s a black one!

With so many universal applications, decorating your home with matt black door hardware is an effortless project with high gains. 

Now think style

Being of a flat appearance, matt black finish has a wonderful softness and blur to it, that absorbs light and smoothens the curves, accentuating the outline and form over other design details.

With matt black’s striking appearance, it’s little wonder why we are captivated by the finish first, before we start considering style of hardware! Gainsborough’s portfolio of matt black levers and entrance sets comprises of a number of styles to ensure hardware complements your decor.

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