Out Now! Issue 2 Sustainability Starts at Home

Issue 2 of the BGC Home Magazine, Sustainability Starts at Home is now here! With the release of the second issue of the BGC Home magazine, we thought it a good opportunity to discuss the theme of this edition, and why it means so much to us at BGC Home.

At BGC Housing Group we aim to lead by example when it comes to sustainability, and this is ultimately reflected in the fact that we were the first home builders in WA to build six-star energy rated homes as a standard. Sustainability in terms of housing, is generally used to describe the process as it applies to the housing industry, in short, less waste, more re-use and recycling, together with lower life-cycle environmental impacts and costs, reliability and lower maintenance for those living in it.

Instead of just throwing the word sustainability around as a buzzword, we try to implement and take action by actively coming up with new ways to tackle environmental concerns. We make the changes needed in order to preserve our way of life.

For each small act or change we make, we can create a snowball effect to increase awareness, lower our impact and help create a better future for generations to come. The second edition of the Home Magazine is filled with many small ways that you can help to make a positive difference, from taking a reusable coffee cup with you wherever you go, to investing in block out curtains or shutters, there is so much you can implement for a positive change, that will sacrifice very little.

Our home has always been right here in WA, and we are incredibly proud to do our bit to protect the incredible environment, culture, and lifestyle we all enjoy here in Western Australia. From things like educating our team, developing new innovations, or pushing ourselves to think outside the box, we are always looking for ways to improve where we can.

We hope that when you read the latest edition, you feel inspired by the stories, information, and ideas on offer, and put some of the suggestions mentioned into action, because together, we can all make a positive difference on the world – and there is no better time to get started than right now.



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