BGC Home Magazine: Behind the Build

We are delighted to launch the much anticipated sixth edition of BGC Home Magazine, ‘Behind the Build’. This issue unravels the home building journey, from the initial slab pour to the finishing touches that make it uniquely yours.

Building a home is an experience that reflects passion, creativity, and expertise at every stage. ‘Behind the Build’ explores the multitude of considerations and decisions involved, emphasising the importance of finding a balance between comfort, functionality, and thoughtful design.

This edition goes beyond constructing homes; it’s about celebrating the dreams brought to life with every nail hammered and brick laid.  

BGC Housing Group Executive General Manager, Michael Bartier, says, “In the latest edition of our BGC Home Magazine, you’ll find compelling stories, expert insights, and a wealth of knowledge that showcases the dedication and innovation involved in every construction project. Whether you’ve built a home of your own before or are inspired to do so, this edition promises to be an informative and inspiring experience.”

Issue 6: Behind the Build is now available to read, online here.

View your FREE copy today and learn more about Behind the Build.



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