Benefits of open plan living

Open Plan Living with Smart Homes for Living

When we hear open plan living, we think of big, multifunctional spaces that have a purposeful flow to them. For us, open plan living is an absolute must. By creating one harmonious space for people to come together, the heart of your home will serve as the perfect spot to eat, play, and make memories with your family and special guests.

Bringing the family together

First and foremost, an open living space brings the family together. With the rise of technology and increasing workloads, there has never been a better time to create a shared space to encourage sociable living and connect with your loved ones. You can be cooking up a storm whilst keeping an eye on the little ones doing their homework at the dining table. Even if everyone is doing their own thing, you’re still able to come together in a shared space, creating a sense of unity instead of losing out on quality time.

Entertaining made easy

If you love hosting dinner parties, BBQs or get-togethers at your place, then you’ll love the ease that open plan living provides to your lifestyle. Open plan homes serve as the ultimate entertainment space by incorporating a connected kitchen, dining, and living room. It allows you to bust out your best hosting skills whilst never being far from the action. An open plan space creates a friendlier and more interactive social atmosphere where everyone can mingle together in one communal area for easy entertaining. If you have an alfresco area, the inclusion of bifold doors can create a seamless connection to the outdoors and takes your entertaining skills up a notch.

Flexible layout design

An expansive open plan living area allows you to switch up the room and move around furniture to suit your needs with no limitations when styling a room. Fewer walls mean more flexibility when choosing new furniture and storage solutions and allow for more freedom to make your home your own.

Make it your own

You’ll have even more flexibility when you choose to build your own home. You can make sure that the layout ticks all your boxes when it comes to entertaining and ensure the kitchen is the heart of your home. If you’ve always dreamt of a space where people can congregate and come together, this is your chance to make it a reality. You can choose different kitchen design options to suit your entertaining style e.g. L-shaped, U-shaped or island bench. If space permits, we always recommend including a hidden scullery to the side of your kitchen, which means your guests never have to see your mess, making you look like the perfect host.

Brighter and lighter living

An open plan design brightens up the entire room and can elevate your mood. The more natural light we’re exposed to, the more energized we feel! It creates a more pleasant, light and airy space for the whole family to enjoy and ultimately feels more spacious. So, open up your blinds and welcome that vitamin D into your home. Plus, open plan living creates beautiful, diffused light throughout your home and allows air to filter through uninterrupted.

Bigger is always better

With all these amazing benefits to open plan living, we hope it’s inspired you to take this into consideration when building or renovating your very own home. A home with an open plan layout has BIG potential and is guaranteed to take your entertaining smarts to the next level.

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