About Milos Marindolac

Love innovative design? Meet Milos, TERRACE Homes Design Manager.

What does home mean to you?

It is a place of sanctuary where you feel protected and comfortable. A place of hopes, dreams and memories where you can be yourself and recharge. When you think how much time every one of us spends every day in our house or apartment it should be a personal space that reflects who you really are.

Tell us a bit about your first home?

My first home where I grew up was a 1950’s family house on a corner block built in art deco style. White rendered with clean lines, geometrical floorplan and green steel window shutters on big windows with transoms. There was some decorative plastic/mouldings and a black and white checkered tiled entry, a sign of the era. I think the house would look modern even today with a few minor changes.

Can you describe your dream home?

A dream home for me is an idea that keeps evolving and changing. Ask me again next year and you will get a different answer. A couple of things are always there when I think of a dream home. Views of the Mediterranean Sea, lush gardens and of course a south France location, self-sustainable.

How long have you been with TERRACE Homes WA?

Very proud to say from day one. We still have the original team working together which makes us so successful.

What was the biggest challenge for TERRACE when you first arrived?

TERRACE started under a different brand and design wise we were limited in construction methods and materials we could use. It was just a different mindset back then and it took effort and time for everyone to understand the possibilities. It was a big learning curve for everyone involved.

What makes TERRACE different to its competitors?

Many would say our streetscape and innovative design. For me it is the “T-Team”, who are all very passionate about design and will not compromise to achieve excellence. What is important is the respect, where everyone has an opinion that matters, in an environment like that you cannot fail.

Where do you get your inspiration from when designing homes?

Anywhere. The smallest things like shapes, patterns or a detail can trigger a thought process in how it can be used in a different way or form. Even just looking at the material, you start to think how you can complement it in a new design. Inspiration can be found anywhere in the environment, we have to follow context of the existing but somehow make it better.

If you would like to find out more about TERRACE Homes, please visit the website terracehomes.com.au.



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