2024 Design Forecast

Eskay Design share 7 key design trends

Local design duo, Eskay Design, has brought their wealth of knowledge and passion for design together to bring you their 2024 Design Forecast. Introducing seven key design trends that are forecast to make an entrance into our homes this year.

Warm tones and organic form remain key as our desire to feel more connected to the natural world continues. Maximising the functionality of our home is becoming more important as we create multi- purpose spaces and utilise smart home technology, making our lives easier with the tap of a screen.

Wall Lights and Paneling

Wainscoting has made a big comeback, either in real timber or wallpaper that gives the look without the cost. Highlight the panels with wall sconces to accentuate the detailing.

Smart Technology

Making your home smart also makes it sustainable. Control window treatments, kitchen appliances, security systems, entertainment, heating/cooling, lighting and more at a touch of your smart phone. The technology available now is smarter and easier to use than ever, and increasingly more affordable.

Multi-use Functionality

Make the most of every inch of your home with multi-functional spaces that do double duty. Sneak a hidden office nook under a stairwell or behind folding doors in the dining room or guest room. Switch the breakfast room into a craft room whenever you feel the creative urge with clever storage options or a sliding panel.

Custom Cabinetry

Beautiful custom cabinetry allows you to make the most of the space in your home and makes tidying a breeze. Think beyond built-in wardrobes and include custom made window seats, entertainment units, storage cupboards, mud zones and drop zones for a clutter-free, easy to organise home.

Curves & Arches

Arched doorways, shelving units, windows and more are becoming increasingly popular. Add large oversized designer handles to complete the look. Furniture is also looking curvaceous, with seating, tables and bedheads in rounded and curved shapes on the rise.

Eco Trend

The move towards sustainable design is growing ever stronger. Incorporate natural materials and colour palettes found in nature, sustainable products that are ethically sourced, earthy textures and living plants into your interiors to get the look and reduce your carbon footprint.

Warm Tones

We’re seeing a move away from grey towards warm tones in finishes, furniture and accessories. Think layers of soft mustard, terracotta, paprika and cream paired with natural materials and organic shapes.

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2024 Design Forecast

In collaboration with Eskay Design, meet the key design trends that are forecast to make an entrance into our homes this year.